Keeping your generator’s fuel & reservoir clean

Many of our customers have generators and every month they need to be evaluated to keep them ready for emergency situations. From farms & construction sites to hospitals, companies are brushing the dust off of their diesel generators and firing them up to see how well they run… That being said, many of our customers don’t know that they could be expedited part failures their generators with their process.

Having trouble with your generator?

Diesel fuel that has been sitting in storage tanks and generator tanks for weeks, months, or years is not fit to burn without treatment. Regarding how long fuel with biodiesel should be allowed to sit in a reservoir, OEM’s like Ford, Cummins, and CAT range from 1-6 months. In our experience, not many people know about biodiesel OEM recommendations. Attempting to burn contaminated diesel fuel in your engine can flood your engine with contaminants, water, and microbial sludge. These contaminants settle once the engines cool down and create a wall of sludge that can cause critical failures and expensive repairs.

Senergy is aware of these issues and has an entire program, Clean Fluids Solutions, that is designed around helping you keep your fuel, reservoirs, and generators in good shape. Using our proprietary methods, we have some fuel lasting years and still going! First things first, if your fuel has been sitting with fuel in the tank for any period of time, it’s best to test it before starting your engine.

Fuel Cleaning Services

At Clean Fluids Solutions, we are capable of performing fuel tests, evaluating your engine health, and outline cleaning solutions where necessary. We provide on-site evaluations and cleaning services, for your convenience. In addition to pre and post system tests, we can help you with:

Advanced additives

Particle Filtration

Dirt Contamination

Water Contamination

Fuel Polishing

Varnish Mitigation

If there is anything that you need, in order to ensure that your generator is clean and ready for any emergencies that may come up in the future, give us a call.