How Long can you Store Diesel Fuel in a Tank?

Can You Store Diesel Fuel?

One of the most common questions we get from our clients is “how long can I store diesel fuel in my tank before it goes bad?”

That’s a pretty general question and the answer is about a year. But there are a lot of variables that can have an effect on your fuel shelf-life, possibly doubling it. 

  •       is there biodiesel is in your fuel?
  •       Are microbes growing in your diesel?
  •       Is there water in your diesel?
  •       What conditions are you storing it in?

What can make diesel fuel last longer?

Depending on where you buy your diesel fuel, your fuel can have up to 5% biodiesel in it with no notice to you. For example, most diesel fuel pulled from the fueling racks in Maricopa County has biodiesel in it.  Typically, higher biodiesel content leads to quicker deterioration. 

However, all of our modern, clean diesel fuel mixtures are prone to microbial growth. Sludge, microbes, or whatever you want to call it grows in diesel fuel but can be prevented with regular biocide treatments and preventative maintenance. 

Preventing contamination from water, dust/dirt and oxygenation will also increase your diesel’s shelf life.

The temperature you store your fuel at will also contribute to its longevity. Fuel stored below 70 degrees F is more resistant to microbial growth and deterioration. 

What do you do if diesel fuel gets contaminated?

If you are:

  1. Storing your diesel in optimal conditions 
  2. Testing and reacting appropriately
  3. Regularly treating your diesel with biocides

Then your diesel could retain its integrity for 12 – 18 months.

However, if your diesel does become contaminated from water, debris, oxidation or microbial growth, it can still be salvaged. These are all common problems with diesel storage. Clean Fluid Solutions has the equipment and expertise to mitigate the problems and restore your diesel fuel.

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