Removing Water Contamination from Diesel Fuel

Water contamination in diesel fuel can cause major problems for diesel engines. At Clean Fluid Solutions, we can bring our equipment and expertise out to your diesel fuel engines, generators, and storage tanks to mitigate the water in your fuel system.

Water Contamination

Water Filtration

Water contamination is the leading cause of bacterial growth in diesel fuel. Where water is allowed to sit, microbes begin to grow and multiply. The buildup and algae growth gets exponentially worse as the fuel molecules begin to die from contamination. It’s not always possible to prevent water from getting into a diesel system, so it’s important to check them regularly and take precautions to maintain diesel fuel integrity.

Rapid Response

Our proprietary methods allow us to be mobile, quick responding, and diverse in our offerings. If you have any type of integrity issue with your diesel fuel or oil, do not hesitate to call. We can often salvage your product and clean your tank for net savings.

Inline Water Removal

We can connect our filtration system directly to your gas tank or oil reservoir and remove the water contamination while your engine or generator remains online.

No Outage Required

We specialize in fast and professional on-site water removal so that your work continues to get done without causing water damage to your system. In most situations, we can even work while you work. That means you could have a very little downtime.


If you have any diesel fuel or oil stored in tanks for any amount of time, you have some sort of contamination – guaranteed!  Reliability on your machines and equipment is critical for any business, spending money on repairs and replacement parts such as injectors and filters can add up quickly.

Mission critical facilities such as hospitals and communication centers often rely on diesel generators to carry the electrical load in emergency situations. Will your generator be up to the task?

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Our proprietary Clean Fluid Solutions service ensures your diesel fuel or oil is constantly monitored until your fluids are restored to normal condition. Independent laboratories will ensure that your varnish potential numbers (Membrane Patch Colorimetry-ASTM D7843) have been restored. Guaranteed.

  • Pre and Post Analysis

  • Varnish Mitigation

  • Particle Filtration

  • Fuel Polishing

  • Tank Cleaning

  • Advanced Additives

Top Service

For over 70 years, Senergy Petroleum has been the dominant play in fuel and oil distribution in the Southwest. Senergy’s Clean Fluid Solutions service is also the top fuel and oil treatment service with industry veterans, proprietary equipment and industry-leading process.


These guys are good! They kept working until the tests came back with a fuel cleanliness better than what I get from a fuel truck!

Fleet Manager, County Municipality Manager

The Clean Fluid Solutions team is professional, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. They were on time, answered my questions, explained what they were doing and saved us thousands on fuel costs.

Facilities Manager, Large Telecom Company


No job too big or small for our team. We have worked on hundreds of projects saving millions in replacement fuel and oil costs. Here is some of our recent work:


Ready to save your fuel…and your money?

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