5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Diesel Engine Clean

Maintaining a clean diesel engine not only extends the life of your engine, but it can also ensure its best performance. If you notice a loss of power or excessive exhaust, you probably have a dirty engine. Here are five things you need to be doing now to make sure you are getting the most from your vehicle:

1. Buy right, right from the start. The use of a quality motor oil is often obvious when we tear down a high-mileage engine. Quality motor oil can lead to reduced wear, part longevity, reduced downtime, and better performance overall. If you are not sure how to benchmark your oil’s performance, ask your Senergy account manager how you can get started on a sampling program and extend your intervals!

2. Change the oil filter regularly. The expense and hassle of changing oil filters prevent many drivers from carrying out this routine maintenance; but if your filters are clogged, you are risking even more time-consuming and costly repairs. Waiting too long between oil filter replacements may lead to a clogged filter that will engage the filter bypass valve, letting unfiltered oil and contaminants circulate through your engine. 

3. Add diesel treatments at the pump. Using a diesel additive regularly can help your fuel:

    • Burn cleaner
    • Prevent internal diesel injector deposits (IDID)
    • Protect your engine from algae growth.

When the weather turns cold, additives with anticoagulants will stop your diesel from thickening.

4. Avoid leaving your truck idling for extended periods of time. Some vehicles do not generate high enough temperatures to provide complete combust of the fuel, causing diesel to leak out with the exhaust. This situation is known as wet stacking and can cause carbon to build up in the exhaust pipe and turbochargers.

5. Keep an eye on your gaskets. Worn gaskets can lead to engine failure, so you need to inspect them from time to time. If you notice frequent engine overheating, white exhaust, or an unusual odor coming from the heating vents, you’re probably experiencing gasket failure.

Are you worried about the purity of your company’s diesel? Clean Fluid Solutions can help. Clean Fluid Solutions will analyze your diesel storage system and provide remedies such as varnish mitigation and varnish prevention.  Find out more.